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Engine Diagnostics

Car is hard to start in cold or warm weather? Running rough when sitting at idle waiting for a light to change? Engine light on? Those are just a few of the symptoms of your vehicle letting you know that it needs attention. In simple terms, it needs to go to the repair shop so that they can diagnose what’s wrong. Ignore the symptoms for long and you might end up having to call the dreaded tow truck  

Whenever the “Check Engine” or “Service Engine Soon” light appears, or any of the symptoms mentioned above, there are service codes, often called trouble codes, stored in the computer’s memory circuit that can be extracted and used to help troubleshoot the problem. Today’s computerized vehicle systems can help diagnose and troubleshoot the problem providing the shop has the latest diagnostics equipment.

Latest Diagnostics

Pride of Workmanship

Yes, we take pride on having the latest State of the Art diagnostic equipment. What does it mean to you as a customer? It simply means that we can diagnose most complex problems in a fraction of the time that takes other shops to solve. Which in turn translates to savings to you, the customer, in troubleshooting labor hours.

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